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ThoughtLeaders4 Disputes Magazine | Enforcement of International Arbitral awards in Luxembourg

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has a favourable setting for arbitration generally, as well as for the enforcement of arbitral awards. The existence of the award, and the fact that it has obtained the exequatur are sufficient elements for obtaining interim remedies, while the latter is not necessary in the first phase. However, the effects of the award should not be
stayed in the home jurisdiction for any reason. In a recent case, a title which had lost its efficiency was set aside by the court, who declared it did not meet the test to serve for an attachment.

Discover more in the article written by our experts Laure-Hélène Gaicio-Fievez and Fabio Trevisan for ThoughtLeaders4 Disputes Magazine's Special Edition on Sovereign and States Disputes and Enforcement.

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