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Annual IBA Employment and Diversity Law Conference

A conference co-presented by the IBA Employment and Industrial Relations Law Committee and the IBA Diversity and Equality Law Committee.

The workplace is being redefined, and so too is the employment relationship itself. Employers must adapt to this new world of work and take action if they are to attract and retain the workforce of the future. As labour and employment lawyers, we stand at the forefront of these developments. The conference will discuss issues associated with the new world of work at length at our conference in South America and look forward to providing a platform for our members to share their experiences too.

Join on 26–28 April 2023 in Buenos Aires as we discuss these developments and other related legal topics and best practices of the new workplace with international employment lawyers from around the world.

Our Partner Anne Morel will be speaker during the session "Mental health: the increase in claims relating to ‘burnout’ and prevention strategies", taking place on Thursday 27th April. For full details, 

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