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Thomson Reuters Practical Law | Regulation of state and supplementary pension schemes in Luxembourg

A Q&A guide to pensions law in Luxembourg.

The Q&A gives a high-level overview of the regulation of national government pensions and supplementary pensions. On national government pensions, it covers employer/employee contributions; national government pension age and monthly amount; and the public pensions body. On supplementary pensions, it covers the provision of supplementary schemes; the requirements to receive vested rights and disclosure/indexing/revaluation requirements; funding and solvency requirements; pension plan investment; member transfers; the regulatory body; applicable tax reliefs on contributions and approval/registration requirements; and the tax treatment of scheme investments and payments to members. Legal protection of employees' pension rights on a business transfer, together with participation in pension schemes, employer insolvency protection and overall scheme solvency, are also included.

National government pensions

1. Do employers and/or employees make pension contributions to the government in your jurisdiction?

Contributions paid to the government

In Luxembourg, all persons engaged in a professional occupation (whether employed or self-employed) or drawing a work-related benefit (sickness benefit, maternity benefit, workplace accident compensation, or unemployment benefit) are covered by the general pension insurance scheme.

Follow the link to read the full version of the Pension Law Luxembourg Guide.

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