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A new brand image for the law firm BSP

BSP, an independent full-service law firm based in Luxembourg, announces a major rebranding that reflects the evolution and the long-term plans of the company.

“Five years from the foundation of the firm, it was natural for us to discuss a long term strategy which could drive the firm into the future and, as a consequence, renew our marketing and communication strategy” said Alain Steichen, Managing Partner of BSP.

The rebranding project, which was led by the marketing department in collaboration with an external agency, started with the identification of the core values of the firm: together, business with values and Luxembourg - and resulted in the redesign of the logo in light of these values.

The orchestra was identified as an image consistent with BSP’s values and is the dominant element in the new firm’s website and brand image. BSP lawyers provide their clients with a range of services requiring different expertise and capabilities, delivered in a synergic and coordinated manner.

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