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BSP receives the Label SDK for environmentally correct waste management

After undergoing an audit process and implementing various initiatives within the firm to raise awareness among employees about the importance of a correct waste management, BSP has successfully obtained the Label SDK, assigned by the SuperDrecksKëscht®.

The Label SDK is an acknowledged label for environmentally correct waste management in companies which is granted by the Ministry of the Environment, the Chambre de Commerce and the Chambre des Métiers. Only companies that have implemented the extensive waste management concept of the SDK in their daily business operations receive the ‘Label priméiert’.

“At BSP, we have implemented a lot of changes in the last 5 years to play our part in shaping our daily professional life and actions towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach,” said Managing Partner Alain Steichen. “We are proud of this additional recognition and we hope this can also be of further inspiration and motivation for our members.”

Criteria for the label are:

  • Motivation of all participants;
  • Transposition of all measures for waste prevention;
  • Visible and accessible collection sites;
  • Safe and environmentally correct storage;
  • Waste collection according to types;
  • High quality and transparent waste recycling and disposal;
  • Environmentally correct management.

BSP’s commitment to the environment is long-standing, as the firm is also a signatory of the “Zero-Single-Use Plastic” Manifesto launched by IMS Luxembourg Inspiring More Sustainability with the goal to eliminate single-use plastics from the company by the end of 2020, an objective which was successfully achieved.

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