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BSP joins forces with Predictice to simplify research and analysis of legal information

In today's environment, lawyers must be increasingly responsive to their clients' requests and increasingly specialized in a number of fields, amidst an ever-growing pool of information and documentation.

It is essential not only to have access to all relevant legal writing but also to be able to process it reliably and quickly. This is a real challenge for the profession, which is the reason why the Dispute Resolution, Employment, Compensation & Benefits and Data Protection & Privacy teams at BSP have decided to join forces with Predictice.

Over the next twelve months, the Predictice teams, together with some twenty lawyers and documentation managers at BSP law firm, will work in close collaboration. Several exchanges are planned in order to identify current developments and anticipate the functionalities of tomorrow, which will be essential for the research and analysis of legal information going forward.

Through this alliance, BSP intends not only to reinforce their positioning as a firm at the cutting edge of technology by using technology to serve its current needs, but also to anticipate the use of future technological means so as to guarantee the excellence of its services in the future. For Predictice, the objective remains the same: serve to be an even more efficient tool for the largest law firms.

“The legal profession is already deeply impacted by technologies and their evolution. We look forward to this collaboration, which we are convinced will be extremely interesting and enriching and which will enable us to continue to provide our clients with the best possible service using state-of-the-art tools.”

Fabio Trevisan, Partner at BSP

“I am very happy that BSP decided to join us. We are determined to build the best legal information research and analytics tool hand in hand with the finest Luxembourg law firms.”

Louis Larret-Chahine, co-founder of Predictice

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