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BSP nordic desk

BSP Nordic Desk:
Your business in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is viewed in the Nordic countries as one of the preferred gateways to Europe and beyond for financial businesses. Many of the large Nordic financial institutions have set up offices in Luxembourg. Luxembourg, situated at the heart of Europe tends to be the ideal platform for asset managers that wish to distribute globally.

Our Nordic dedicated team, led by Isabel Høg-Jensen (en), focuses on a pragmatic approach to structure alternative investment vehicles.

The team is composed of highly motivated professionals, having a deep understanding of the Nordic market and the constraints applicable to Nordic financial institutions as well as of course a deep understanding of Luxembourg stakeholders (service providers and regulator).

Establishing partnerships and building long lasting relationships with Nordic financial players is key for BSP.  

Sustainable finance is also one of the key areas on which our Nordic dedicated team focuses. 

Our team is highly experienced in advising fund promoters/initiators on selecting the appropriate fund structure be it alternative fund vehicles, undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities or unregulated vehicles. In addition, our team advises on various regulatory matters, in particular the ESG regulatory framework.

Our clients can also benefit from our well-established network with leading Danish and other Nordic law firms.

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