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Thomson Reuters Practical Law | Quick Compare Chart: Establishing a Fund Manager

Thomson Reuters has published have published a multi-jurisdictional Quick Compare Chart, Establishing a fund manager.

This chart compares the approach of different jurisdictions towards the authorisation of fund managers. Among other things, it considers the key legislation governing the authorisation of fund managers, the likely timings for authorisation and the need for individual approval for key personnel at a fund manager.

Quick Compare lets you quickly review and compare information across different jurisdictions in a user-friendly chart format. The charts provide multi-layered content, allowing you to view "at a glance" summaries, together with more detailed explanations, citations and links to other relevant resources.

For a quick overview of the approach in Luxembourg, download the chart produced by our Partner Evelyn Maher and Junior Associate Djelloul Mansour. Follow the link to read the full version of the Quick Compare Chart, Establishing a fund manager.

Please note that this guide is accessible only to Thomson Reuters PL Global Premium subscription holders.

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