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Burges Salmon | Report on UK and EU cryptoasset regulation

In collaboration with 19 firms from its international Preferred Firm Network, Burges Salmon has published an interactive report on the regulatory treatment of cryptoassets in jurisdictions throughout the UK and EU.

Burges Salmon’s Fintech team has teamed up with Tier One law firms across its Preferred Firm Network to produce a comprehensive paper presenting a snapshot of cryptoasset regulation across 27 European jurisdictions.

The report, ‘Cryptoassets: A UK and European perspective on the regulation of cryptoassets’, consolidates information on the financial regulatory frameworks pertaining to these various jurisdictions, with a view to offering guidance on this rapidly advancing and innovative product in the Fintech arena.

With cryptoassets coming increasingly under the commercial and regulatory spotlight in the UK and the EU, 2019 saw authorities across the continent launching consultations, issuing statements and implementing specific legislations within their respective jurisdictions to manage cryptoasset-related activity.

This paper has been produced against this backdrop, with multijurisdictional projects posing significant complications as a result of the differing stances taken by the UK and EU countries in their domestic regulations.


The contributors from Burges Salmon’s Preferred Firm Network were: Fellner Wratzfeld & Partner (Austria), ALTIUS (Belgium), Kinstellar (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia), Wolf Theiss (Croatia), Erotocritou (Cyprus), Gorrissen Federspiel (Denmark), Magnusson (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), Hannes Snellman (Finland), August Debouzy (France), SATELL (Germany), Politis & Partners (Greece), Matheson (Ireland), Legance (Italy), Bonn Steichen & Partners (Luxembourg), GANADO Advocates (Malta), HEUSSEN (Netherlands), Wardyński & Partners (Poland), Gómez-Acebo & Pombo (Portugal, Spain), and Lindahl (Sweden).

 Read the report here.

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