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BSP promotes a Matching Gift Programme within the firm

To encourage and support charitable donations and community involvement, BSP has established a Matching Gift Programme.

The aim of the initiative is to provide matching funds to the charitable organisations which members of the BSP team personally support and to create a virtuous circle by encouraging further donations.

BSP values the personal engagement of its staff and the Matching Gift Programme is a way to embrace the causes they care about and to contribute together to meaningful changes in our local and global communities.

Subject to certain conditions mentioned in the policy, BSP matches donations by staff members to the eligible non-profit organisations of their choice.

Eligible organisations must be located within the EU or an EFTA State and be designated as a charity in their jurisdiction. They include, but are not limited to, civic, arts and culture, health and human service agencies, and environmental organisations.

Thanks to this program, BSP has already supported the following associations:

For any further information, please contact marketing [at]

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