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BSP is amongst the signatories of the IMS manifesto 'Zero-Single-Use Plastic'

BSP is signatory of the manifesto 'Zero-Single-Use Plastic' launched by Inspiring More Sustainability with the goal to cease the purchase and distribution of single-use plastics by the end of 2020. Concretely, it is about plastic cups, straws, plastic bags, or stirrers... that are designed to be used only once. Today, sustainable alternatives exist.

The Department of Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development is partner of the initiative and has made this environmental issue a priority. Marguy Kohnen, Counsellor at the Ministry and who came at the Forum to represent Madam Minister Carole Dieschbourg, highly welcomed the extent of such a mobilization, enabling the preservation of resources and the fight against waste.

At the end of 2020, BSP succeded in replacing plastic bottles with water fountains saving around 90.000 plastic bottles per year, replacing all single-use-plastic cups and cutlery used during internal and external events with glasses, ceramic cups and steel cutlery. We avoid any single-use-plastic decoration preferring paper and we have also replaced snack machine with Bulkbar for a healthier and packaging-free snack selection.