Our location

2, rue Peternelchen, Immeuble C2
L-2370 Howald


Located in Howald, just a few minutes away from Luxembourg-City centre, the central train station, and the Pôle d'Échange, Cubus is easily accessible from the motorways that link the city with France, Belgium and Germany.

Access by bus

  • Bus No. 24 (Howald, Peternelchen): Get off at Howald, “Peternelchen”
  • Bus No. 28 (Hesperange, Cité Um Schlass): Get off at Howald, “Op der Stirzel”​​​​​​
  • Bus No. 29 (Gasperich, Guillaume Kroll): Get off at Howald, “Ronneboesch"

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Contact info

Get in touch with us through either of the numbers listed below. Otherwise feel free to use our contact form to send your request.

t. + 352 26 025 1

f. + 352 26 025 999