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15 Jan 2015

歐洲首席人民幣樞紐 | Europe's foremost renminbi hub

The China Law & Practice Annual Review is a fully bilingual guide providing our extensive readership in the domestic and international commercial legal community with a comprehensive overview of the key issues, deals, advisors and firms in the jurisdiction over the past year.
Laurent Lazard and Helen Haijing Liu, member of Bonn Steichen & Partners Chinese Desk, contributed the Outbound chapter on Luxembourg, first published in China Law and Practices in October 2014, where they explain the role of the Grand Duchy in the internationalisation of the renminbi and the benefits of structuring investments through the country.


Laurent Lazard和刘海婧是Bonn Steichen & Partners中国业务部的成员,他们撰写了该指南中的卢森堡一章,在文章中,他们解释了大公国在人民币国际化进程中的作用以及通过卢森堡架构投资的意义。