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15 Jul 2014

卢森堡:中国投资者通往欧洲的门户 - Luxembourg Chinese investors' window to Europe

卢 森堡是一座将稳定的经济、可靠的税制以及先进的、国际化的基础设施完美结合的城市。卢森堡政府大力支持与中国打交道中的务实态度,这使得卢森堡的法律和经 济环境对跨国公司保持着源源不断的吸引力,吸引这些跨国公司将欧洲总部设于卢森堡以实现中国境外投资,抑或是通过卢森堡公司架构实现中国境内投资。

Luxembourg offers an unrivalled combination of a stable economy, a reliable tax regime, and a sophisticated, internationally oriented infrastructure. The government strongly supports a pragmatic approach as regards its dealing with China, as a consequence of which the legal and economic environment remains attractive for multinational companies, be it for locating their European corporate headquarters in Luxembourg for Chinese outbound investments or for structuring Chinese inbound investments via Luxembourg corporate vehicles.

The main features of Luxembourg and China's economic reltionships are developed in this Luxembourg Chinese investors' window to Europe brochure, also available in Chinese.