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01 Oct 2018

La recente normativa sui Fondi Comuni Monetari (“FCM”) non è propriamente volta alla protezione degli investitori, piuttosto a quella del sistema finanziario e al consolidamento del mercato creditizio e istituzionale europeo; la protezione degli investitori ne è la conseguenza.

26 Jul 2018

As the exclusive contributor for Luxembourg in GAR KNOW-HOW: litigation, our litigation team gives an update on the overview of the Luxembourg litigation jurisdiction with a dynamic question and answer reference guide.

20 Jul 2018

La crescita delle PMI europee oggi passa anche attraverso strumenti di mercato che le rendono accessibili a capitali terzi, capitali che permettono un loro sviluppo tecnologico e strutturale, ”modernizzandone” anche la governance interna.

25 Jun 2018

Over the past several decades, there has been a major push to provide uniform and harmonised intellectual property coverage worldwide. To date, however, there remain significant differences and gaps in intellectual property coverage globally. As commerce increasingly becomes focused on international trade rather than individual countries, companies and clients must respond by thinking globally while also understanding the differences that remain between jurisdictions.

13 Jun 2018

IR Global members from 10 different jurisdictions discuss A Fintech Paradigm - the changing face of financial services. The discussion involved Fintech legal and financial experts from around the world, in both developed and developing economies.

06 Jun 2018

The ICLG to: Fintech covers The Fintech Landscape, Funding For Fintech, Fintech Regulation, Other Regulatory Regimes / Non-Financial Regulation, Accessing Talent, Technology

19 Apr 2018

BSP contributed to the Luxembourg Chapter of the In-House Lawyer - Employment & Labour Comparitive Guide

05 Apr 2018

The ICLG to: Mergers & Acquisitions covers common issues in M&A laws and regulations, including relevant authorities and legislation, target defences, bidder protection, and mechanics of acquisition - in 53 jurisdictions.

28 Mar 2018

The ICLG to: Enforcement of Foreign Judgments 2018 covers regimes in specific jurisdictions, enforcement regimes applicable to judgments from certain countries, methods of enforcement and other matters.
This guide provides corporate counsel and international practitioners with a comprehensive worldwide legal analysis of the laws and regulations relating to the enforcement of foreign judgments.