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France and Luxembourg do not only share a border, they have a historical, cultural and economic sharing relationship lasting for years. Moreover, they have deep common legal roots which explain the influence France plays from a legal perspective over Luxembourg.

Luxembourg has been and remains a strategic trading partner for France due its geographical position in addition to the strength and stability of its economy. Trading relationships between France and Luxembourg are of paramount importance; France being Luxembourg’s second-largest customer and third-largest supplier.

Furthermore, France is strongly represented in Luxembourg with the second largest community of residents and with around 1,000 French companies having subsidiaries in Luxembourg, primarily in the banking and insurance sectors.

Luxembourg is the leading financial centre in the Eurozone and the second Worldwide largest fund centre. Due to its stability as well as its innovative and international culture, Luxembourg has become an ideal hub for private and institutional investors from all over the world including France with direct and indirect interests in Luxembourg.

In addition to a very stable social, politic, economic environment as well as modern dynamic regulatory framework and a pragmatic approach adopted by local authorities, Luxembourg has supported at a very early stage a very high-speed Internet policy deployment as a key for developing the national economy. Therefore, Luxembourg is today among the leading broadband countries continuously attracting start-ups, essentially in the Fintech sector and has thus become a true start-up nation.

Based on past years’ experience, Pierre-Alexandre Degehet has identified a need for French investors / clients to be advised on particular queries relating to the specificities of the French market; therefore, he has decided to create BSP French Desk aiming at serving French clients’ direct and indirect interests in Luxembourg and assisting them in setting up and managing efficiently their activities in Luxembourg.

BSP French Desk headed by Pierre-Alexandre Degehet benefits from the knowledge, experience and skills of a dedicated team of lawyers and value of experts with many years of experience. Our knowledge of the French economic landscape, specificities and challenges is key to understand and share our client’s perspective and deliver high quality legal solutions tailored to the clients’ needs.

The spectrum of legal services covered by BSP French Desk covers matters such as corporate, M&A, capital markets, banking and financial services, tax, contracts law, dispute resolution, etc. but covers as well assistance to Start Up and Fintech French companies with the implementation of their businesses in Luxembourg.

As part of a leading independent law firm in Luxembourg, BSP French Desk has developed a strong network of first class French law firms, sharing the same standards of quality, values, client’s oriented approach and knowledge in order to guarantee our clients’ interests.

Thanks to its independence, BSP has also developed strong relationships with high ranked law firms over the world which allows us to assist our clients globally.

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