Whatever our clients’ needs are,
we have chosen to excel in those areas of legal expertise most essential to their success.
Bonn Steichen & Partners

If it is not possible to settle the matter without going through the judicial process then BSP lawyers are experienced in bringing proceedings before Courts.


Going hand in hand with difficult economic times, disputes are growing, both in number and in complexity. And no matter the amounts involved, the stakes are always high. Hence the need for clients to require lawyers who have experience and determination enough to take a case before a court, even the highest one in the country (“Cour de Cassation”), if no other means exist.

At BSP, our lawyers handle a full spectrum of matters from significant routine matters to large international and high profile disputes in a wide range of substantive areas. We advise our clients at all stages of contentious matters (including in the pre-litigation stage):

  • business disputes;
  • contractual disputes;
  • employment disputes;
  • debt claims and recovery;
  • construction and building claims;
  • shareholder disputes;

and strive to do so in our clients’ mother tongue to the extent possible (English, French, Italian and German to list just a few of the native-languages of our lawyers).

Notwithstanding the vast experience of our lawyers in this area, we also encourage alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes with the aim to alleviate cost burdens and to offer a faster and confidential alternative to traditional litigation. Our lawyers thus endeavour to provide strategic legal advice in early stages of a problem to prevent their clients from any dispute before the courts.