Whatever our clients’ needs are,
we have chosen to excel in those areas of legal expertise most essential to their success.
Bonn Steichen & Partners

BSP lawyers look ahead to address my HR issues before they happen or, when disputes arise, they represent our interests the best way.

Employment, Compensations & Benefits

The employer-employee relationship is the cornerstone of every business and as such, our lawyers make a point of fostering and structuring a coherent and effective dialogue in their clients’ workplace. As such, our pragmatic and result-oriented approach enables us to counsel on both routine and non-routine issues relating to labour law.

Anne Morel has first stated practising for a couple of years almost exclusively litigation in the area of labour law, which enables her to successfully represent our clients in court. From implementing preventive measures to representing clients in labour courts and in out-of-court dispute resolutions, we assist in both individual and collective employment relationships. 

We can help on:

  • drafting employment policies and procedures;
  • drafting employment contracts and general employment termination;
  • assisting clients in information/consultation procedures in restructuring measures and transfer of undertakings;
  • negotiating with employees representatives and trade unions;
  • entering into collective bargaining agreements and social plans;
  • structuring schemes or alternative forms of remuneration such as share option plans, employee participation schemes, and supplementary pension plans.